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Paul McKirdy
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background: 5'11" 325#. sq 400+ dl 500+ op275ish haven't ME'd in two months and doing more metcon lately than strength.

I presently row and bicycle as well continuing regular powerlifitng sessions focusing only on compound lifts. Order of volume, squats, deadlift, power cleans, overhead presses. I don't bench very much at all cept to gauge strength once in a blue moon as I do tons of push ups dips and pullups.

A recent addition that I found has actually leaped my aerobic fitness as gauged my capcity on the rower has been adding two tabata sessions somewhere in the week. I use dumbbell thrusters for one and for the other I do a compound tabata of pullups and dips since I have not yet trained muscle ups, but I will, yes I will . This I use modified times. 30 seconds assisted pullups 30seconds dead hang dips 30 seconds rest. repeat 8 times.

All anecdotal to be sure, but my waste is still falling and my performance level is still improving. To run you have to run and do pullups to do pullups, just like GNU is Not Unix, and I'll leave that to those who have to do it and know more about it. My goal is that I am going to get back down to around 250ish and doing sets of ten or more dead hang pullups and twice BW squats and deads lots of stretching and hi intensity rowing and biking for endurance. At this point in my life for fight or flight Im prettymuch commited to fight, it is what it is so I will continue to train that way.

To reiterate, purely on the notion of being able to do more work over a longer period of time, adding tabatas I have found helped me a ton. They are definitely an awesome tool in the chest.
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