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Originally Posted by Eric Lundell View Post
The last few times that I've deadlifted, I've been getting the weight up and past my knees very strong and controlled, however when I get to the area above my knees where my quads begin the bar is "getting stuck" on my quads and its causing disruption in my lift. Its frustrating because my strength is allowing me to reaching new PR's but the sticking point is countering my progress. I was also almost flagged at the East Coast CF games during the Total due to the sticking point and not having a fluid lift.

I know it is near impossible to correct something that you haven't seen in person, but does anyone have experience with this or any suggestions?
can picture it easily. you need to work lockout, a lot of causes for this; poor form off the bottom getting too far over the bar like a clean, or weak points on the top like weak lats, weak traps etc....

you can fix it with rack pulls, halting dead lifts and pulls from blocks, bent rows will help as well.

once you solve it you'd get a big bump...then you'll need to work the bottom.
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