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Originally Posted by Jay L Swan View Post
I agree about the misrepresentation of endurance as the "holy grail". However, I think that the principal harms of endurance training are chiefly in highly competitive, obsessive racers who in a high-volume, high-intensity mode without ever taking significant rest.


Boom. You hit it.

Some smart guy said, "All training is complimentary" I would add, "All training is complimentary, some training is more complimentary that others"

I get mildly bewildered and annoyed at the rampant anti endurance vibe, because the reality is, people are reacting to a cultural indoctrination not the actual sport. I read recently someone bashing running, based on the observation that most recreational runners are fat slobs and most elite runners are pale wisps. I'm sorry but that is like bashing power lifting based on the bench club mullet fest that happen M/W/F in the average commercial gym. Those guys are no more power athletes than the parade of folks who sign up to run/walk a 5k.

Second weird vibe is the constant question of what form of training is most natural. Will these sprints plus adn all animal brain diet make me a better, more complete paleo humanoid?

Who the f&*%k cares. Shouldn't it be fun? White teeth and gene expression be damned, sometimes it's just really fun to go really, really fast for a really, really long ways. Kind of like doing a bunch of pullups and thrusters…The fact that it's hard is the fun part. If you don't get that , some of your key genes are not expressing correct. Saavy?

As for competitive strength endurance events, I used to could do that. Had to quit over ruined knees, Wasn't the bike that did it. It was my over application of squats and bike what did it. I have raced alongside some incredibly strong endurance athletes that off the bike were very adept strength athletes as well. I think with thoughtful application, one can be strong (in a power to weight ratio sense) and have great endurance. Maybe not "Elite", maybe not even Category 4, but still you can still have the speed and strength to really enjoy a long slog in the mountains, a good long row or a long hard climb.

Anyway, long diatribe short-

if I haven't done a sport at a competitive level, I wouldn't want to punk myself by bashing that sport at any length. (Other than Ice dancing, which for me is just grating.) Over the last couple years I have rehabbed myself from an under-strong set of arthritic legs with lungs on top, to a mildly capable dabbler in strength training. I have nothing but respect to anyone who will throw their hat into the game,

any game: power lifting event, GS, Mountain bike race, track and field, ultra marathons……whatever,

If you sign up, train and up on the big day. One word. Respeck. (trademark Ali G)
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