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Originally Posted by Chris Goodrich View Post
Use a thumbless grip on the bar and keep your wrists locked and aligned with your forearms, not pronated.
I dig rippetoe and want to party with him all the time, but I don't care for the thumbless grip approach. He explained at some point I don't recall that it was because if he was going to lose a bar, he didn't want to rip off his thumbs. But sans thumbs, you'll rip off your arms instead. I prefer the former over the latter.

The way I look at it, if you're placing the bar in a position that is not secure with a nearly vertical torso, you're going to have to hold it there with your arms, and that's just setting yourself up for trouble--either shoulder, wrist, or elbow pain/injuries, or a fudged up bail out.

All that said, I think it was actually our very own Pierre who said he liked the thumbless grip because it was easier on his wrists, as he is a very old man and has these sorts of problems. In that case, I suppose I can live with it, but then even more than with the thumb, the bar placement needs to be as secure as possible on the back, not the arms.
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