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Danny John
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On the list of misquotes, the 15 x bdwt is high on the list. It was something Mike Weeks did for his athletes and I had tried this several times and had one athlete do it, too.

For us, it was a game...a fun thing to do. There are far better ways to train throwers, HG and strongman come to mind first.

I agree with Greg and hyperbole. It is the only thing that sells now. Read some of the stuff that is on the net and try not to vomit. It's funny, but probably my favorite place to read has become Josh Hillis's blog. A normal person can read his ideas (this week's idea is brilliant) and still live a life.

So, yes, I wrote that in an article for Dino Files (unpaid). Yes, I believe it has value. No, I don't recommend it.

The overhead squat still has a great value, but really a single at bodyweight is just fine.
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