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At crossfit Vancouver we spend a lot of time on the overhead squat at the begining because most people have such ugly overhead squats that there is no point even getting them to attempt to do a snatch. It also forces them to work ont heir shoulder flexibility, core stabalization and proper squating technique in general.

I think the whole 15 bodyweight overhead squat thing just came up as a challenge more than anything else. After seeing Nicoles 15 bodyweight overhead squats I decided if she could do it, I could do it to (even though I didnt have a single overhead squat at the time) and 5 months later I did the 15bodyweight overhead squats.

but by know means do I feel that having accomplished the 15 bwohs goal makes me a superior athlete to some one who cant because in retrospect when in life are you going to have to squat your body weight overhead 15 times??? But what having a strong overhead squat does mean is that any snatch I land, I know that I can stand up from.
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