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Default Thanks Garrett

Wow, I'm psyched for the help...and that's a big help...I was trying to go to failure and it wiped me for a few minutes. I do the same on paralletes so now I will change all balance needs help.

Today I worked out with my son (12 yo) to help him (and me) with hockey off season training.

warmed-up with agility ladder races.

We did 2 rounds (2 minutes rest between each round) of: 30 second intervals (no rest between exercises) of the following:
air squat
pull-up (him ring reverse row)
forward lunge
sit-up exchanging 8# mb at top (2 in a row = 1 minute)
backward lunge
ring dip (him seated dip)
jumping split squat

Then shuttle sprints in garage (each up and back lap is ~ 15 yds, 15 sec rest between):
4 laps

Then he did 45 second sprints on rower x 2 and I did snatch balance x 2 x 5 reps.

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