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Hi Anton,

I train a lot of BJJ and some MMA and have found that I just don't get enough energy from Strict Paleo or similar (even ramping up the fat and adding sweet potatoes etc). I have recently added some organic oats to my diet about 1 hour after training and have seen a major improvement in recovery and performance. I believe that it's about getting the balance right between health and performance. Are the oats the best food for my health? In my opinion no, but they certainly help with my performance, and performance certainly does not equate to health. A trade off if you like. Others may tell you that they can roll 7 days a week just fine on paleo/zone etc but we are all individuals so you will need to experiment some to find what works best for you. Black Box if you like. You also need to consider other factors i.e. overtraining etc as grappling just takes so much out of you in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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