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Originally Posted by Júlíus G. Magnússon View Post
Coming from a CFish background I've been taught that a 15xBW overhead squat is one of the ultimate fitness goals. Then this gets thrown at me:

That's Charles Poliquin writing, who according to Wikipedia has coached Olympic medalists in twelve different sports. It's hard to argue with results like that, so I'm wondering: Is the overhead squat just another CrossFit fad?
Here is an irony...if it IS a CrossFit fad, it was started by Dan John originally...pretty sure he is the one that popularized the whole thing relating to discus throwers. the OHS was the go-to exercise for a nationally recognized discuss coach...john powell? Me, I like the OHS a bunch. The folks who CAN actually do the 15x BW schtick tend to display some damn impressive overall athleticism.

Guess I should have read the whole thread!
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