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Catherine Imes
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Those are good points Garrett. You want to grab the handle with the thumb/index finger towards the corner. This will allow the rest of the handle to lay across the hand so that the bell is resting on the heel of the hand (Not across the palm (Horizontally) where it would strain the wrist. If it is in the correct position, you should be able to hold the bell with an open hand(without gripping it).

Now, always getting it to land in that position takes practice and is dependent on timing and how hard you are gripping the bell. If you overgrip, it will not end up in that spot.

The other thing you can try is to bring the bell to the rack with 2 hands. Get it in the proper position (see videos on youtube) described. Is this position comfortable, i.e. could you stand there for several minutes without any wrist strain? Then clean it from the rack and just try to reverse the movement. Sometimes it's easier for folks to learn from the rack because they know where the bell should land.
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