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Originally Posted by Pierre Auge View Post
if you don't mind me interjecting here I have only one point. Time at rest between training and practice is something I don't really see tossed around much, anywhere really. A good practice I have found with new or stubborn athletes if you have either of these, or even those who are just typically injury prone, is to split the time.

Put some time between training and practice and most often a much higher workload can be maintained particularly in season. Let's say it would look something like this just for shits and giggles:

Day 1
12 hours at rest (work, school, whatever)

12 hours at rest (same stuff)

and so on, use your jugdement as a coach as you get closer to competitive days in your schedules by removing whatever aspect of training you feel will hurt absolute performance in competition.

You probably know this stuff hence you being on this particular forum, and among this particular crowd. I pretty much just like to hear myself type though no applicable relevance may exist.

I know what you mean Pierre, its good to be in company of knowledgeable coaches as well. Right now, I'm priming one of my athletes to break the novice record in her weight class for powerlifting. She's within 30 kilos of the deadlift record and she's doing it all raw, no belt, suits or wraps.

I'm also gonna write up a program for a new client, a BJJ/MMA practitioner who wants to improve overall strength, which looks very interesting to me
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