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Default Z Health Quick Start

So.... for a long while now I have heard people praise both MM and Z health as resources for mobility improvement.

I have a Remedial Therapy, yoga and dynamic ROM back ground
I have been exposed to MM and found nothing I hadn't already experienced.

Recently I put down and got Z Health Quick Start
So this is a bias review

Hmmm sorry but reminded me of the days before CF made people put WO vids and info on the net for free. The concept of leaking information in small drabs and promo for your next purchase at the end of dvd.
$A40 for 6 exercises over 20ish mins
0 rating

I value as a Remedial Therapist the use of anatomical language and attention to detail but this also seems overdone.

Nuetral Stance
Lateral and Medial Ankle tilts
3 position toe pulls
4 Position Hip Circles
Thoracic Anterior Posterior Glides

Bonus Exercise???
Hand figure 8s

Cheesy Grins and info commercial vibe!

In depth and precise

This is a very basic intro to Joint mobility (as suggested in the title).
Unfortunately I am not convinced to continue with there program DVDs

Just thought I would put this out there.

Thanks for reading
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