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Steven Low
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Yeah, I just tend to ramp up my sets and then stick with a weight. That just seems to work for me. Very simple undulated periodization basically.

A couple weeks ago I went through this progression with my weighted dips:

5s: 1x10, 1x5 60 lbs, 1x3 120 lbs, 3x5 130 lbs
3s: 1x5, 1x5 60 lbs, 1x3 120 lbs, 3x3 150 lbs
1s: 1x5, 1x3 70 lbs, 1x3 90 lbs, 1x2 130 lbs, 1x1 150 lbs, 1x1f 165 lbs, 1x1 165 lbs, 1x1 170 lbs, 1x1f 175 lbs

Maybe too quick a build up phase for most of you but I can get away with it I guess. o_o
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