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I'm glad you confirmed my thoughts that the 5x5, 5x3, 5x1 were all WS. I plan on minimal warm-up of 5,3,2 reps then the WS.

BTW, the MEBB I am referring to is the latest version form the June PM issue where you only go 3 days/week. With one lift followed by short or modified met-con.

I think I will probably stick with the 5x5 for lower and upper days because that is the way the program was written.

I am planning on BS/FS & OHP/Dip for the Lower and upper. Since Oly lifts are out of the questions because I lack proper facilities for them (the will throw me out of the gym) I was planning on the following for the total body exercise on the 3rd day:

5x5 SGDL from a deficit by using smaller plates
5x3 PC
5x1 DL

Perhaps I will only do 3x5 for the SGDL. I think this is pretty reasonable given the lower weight used in the SGDL, followed by the speed element of the PC and ending with a true ME on the DL, but only once every 3 weeks.

Do you think 5x5 on the SGDL would be too much. For me at least I know 5x5 on the traditional DL would knock me on my ass for at least a few days.
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