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Greg is right it was in fact me who prefers the thumbless grip as it reduces the stress on my wrists. It also makes a dump considerably easier as I simply drop my hands and step forward even from a bottom position so I'm not sure where Greg figures one could lose ones arms in the matter but that is neither here nor there.

My cue for you with this position is to take a slightly narrower grip and drive your elbows UP. That upward elbow drive will build that shelf as others have termed it, with your delts. This position is actually very comfortable and rock solid once you've played around with it and figured out your sweet spot.

Greg I have hyperflexible wrists, not particularly strong ones. Any excess loading that I can avoid on them is good stuff I think. Why do I like the low bar back squat so much. Same reason Rip likes it and we have discussed this at length me and him.

The lower position of the bar shortens the lever arm (or moment arm whichever you prefer) on the back, places the impetus on the hip and loads the hamstring and thus posterior chain more completely. It reduces the moment on the knee and thus gives me a break since front squats, cleans and thrusters are far more knee dominant. Frankly I can lift more this way and thats just cool!
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