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I ended up buying 1 24Kg KB from a site by Glenn dlay. From what I had been able to find they looked like a type I would be interested not to rough not to smooth and a old school black color with simple # and Kg pressed markings.

The reason I decided to go ahead and grab one to try is that I am antsy to have at least this one ASAP. I chose this site because the overal feel of the site was very inviting and the description of the product seemed well thought out. I felt I would at least be supporting a buisness that was deserving of my clientel. I have been known to spend a couple bucks more in order to support the smaller "cooler" buisness as long as the quality is at least equal. The price on this site however was equal or cheaper than others and it seemed as though Glenn had taken measures to insure the quality of a product he chooses to offer on his site.
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