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Default 70 Kg Snatch

I know, I know. Not an impressive weight at all, but a big stepping stone for me as I finally landed this one tonight. I got a really ugly 70 Kg power snatch a few weeks ago, but bombed the same weight at the Chris Dariotis Classic January 7th. So last week, I dropped the weight considerably and focused on technique and improving my form. Tonight I finally worked up to it and got it in the deep squat position, no less. This one felt good.

It comes on the eve, more or less, of the first-year anniversary of getting bonafide coaching from someone who really knows the sport. I can't say enough good things about John Thrush and the folks at Calpians Weightlifting Club. If you have access to a good coach, it is like having a gold mine. I'm one of the older lifters there (got started at age 35), and the progress curve has been slower for me than some of the younger, more athletic students, but John and all the lifters there embraced me as a brother and have helped me immensly.

I have completely fallen in love with this sport and I feel very, very fortunate to be in an area where there is a solid and experienced Olympic Weightlifting community. Wish I had about 20 years I could knock off the clock and start all over, but you begin where you are and just grow where you're planted.

Sorry if this post rambles too much or if it's the wrong place to put it. I just felt good and had to tell someone who would "get it."
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