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Catherine Imes
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The movement to get the clean to the rack is not unlike the movement to bring the snatch to lockout in terms of what you do with your hand. In fact, in terms of where the bell rest, it is the same position.

Here is a video I shot on Saturday of a 20kg LCC&J set. Look at my hand position in the rack, and when I go overhead. My overhead position in the Jerk is identical to the overhead lockout/position of the snatch.

It is definitely a form issue. Practice what Garrett said. Bring the bell to the rack with two hands. Can you get it to a comfortable spot "Manually"? If not, it could be your KB, but I suspect this isn't the issue if you can get to the right spot in the hand on the snatch. Of course, your idea of the right spot and my idea of the right spot may be 2 different things

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