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As of yesterday I was having no problems with IF but then weirdness?

Yesterdays schedule:
8 am - coffee with heavy cream
10 am - first meal since 6 pm the night before - chicken breast, spinach, and 22 almonds.
11 am - 1 pm - 2 more cups of coffee w/ heavy cream
1:30 pm - pre workout shake - 20 grams protein, 30 grams carbs

2 pm gym

I would say between 1 - 2 I felt odder and odder, on my short drive over to the gym I started to feel really dizzy, like being intoxicated dizzy, as I parked my car and sat there trying to let the dizziness pass I started to get really nauseous too. When I say dizzy I mean like world spinning dizzy, closing my eyes made the sensation all the worse. When I would stand up it was as if the world was swaying back and forth. I eventually got into the gym but the nausea never really went away so I warmed up and did a little bit but I called it quits shortly after that.

I was thinking it was having too much coffee while on IF? Or possibly the insulin spike from the pre workout shake and not having much in my stomach before that? Anyone have any ideas?

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