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Default Mass Gain focusing on Gymnastics?


I recently learned of a gymnastics facility in my city that offers open gym access 1 hour per week. I am trying to re-work my training program to fit around this great opportunity. I don't know what would be the best way to implement a program that focuses on gymnastics skills. My main goals are strength skills like the lever, planche, and iron cross, as well as tumbling skills. Here is my best attempt, I would love to hear some comments or suggestions for improvement.

Monday: Open gym
I want to be fresh, rested, and ready to make the most of the hour in the gym. I want to spend this day working on stuff that I can't practice any other day. Areas of focus will be:
Floor/trampoline: backhandsprings, backflips, roundoffs
Pommel horse: practice swinging, reverse scissors
High Bar: practice swinging, kip to support, hip-over to support
P-Bars: practice swinging
1-2 30ft Rope climbs at the end, L position.

I want to work pretty hard in the 2-3 days after open gym, b/c if I want to be fresh each Monday, I can't kill myself late in the week. I have decided the workouts should have 3 components: Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility, executed in that order.

Friday - Sunday:
I am not sure what to do here. I don't want to rest, but I don't want to do a workout that impairs my ability to practice in the gym on Mondays. I need at least one rest day, though.

I am open to any and all input; I'm having a tough time creating a plan on my own with confidence.

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