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Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
Hi Arien,
Not sure if you've seen this article on the 20/20:
Yep, and also the Power and Bulk posted stuff from Gary.

That's where I got the idea to drill at 50, but perhaps I need to take it down a bit farther, like 45.

I've got a forced break coming up as well (a little R&R in the mountains), so the resting side is covered :-). I'm getting some nagging twinges here and there, so I think I'm due...

Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
I'm following a similar program, but I only perform either snatch or c&j each session with some squatting/pressing thrown in.
I find that I miss the time away if I don't snatch or c&j each session. Perhaps a light snatch + a 20 rep c&j and the reverse + pressing/squatting, alternating with a full-on 20/20 session.

Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
Definitely a taxing progression and one of the coaches at LBH STRONGLY recommended I throw in a lighter day (maybe two consecutive lighter sessions) with some regularity -- either light singles with the full lift or power variants for 3-5 reps.
Great advice...

Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
Not sure how you feel about it, but something about this style of program really clicks with me -- having to hit 15 consecutive snatches plus the heavier attempts is a tremendous mental workout. OK, enough blahblahblah from me
By the end of the c&j training, there's this little voice saying "quit! quit!".... It was very satisfying to tell that voice to shut the hell up and go on to make all 21 reps!
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