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Default Too late to dream?

Is it too late (at 22) to make the olympics as a 100m sprinter?

I havent played any running sports for 6 years or even sprinted lol. I was boxing (at a boxing gym) for a 3 month stretch and Im still training as best I can (3 months at home), I cant afford the gym. The distance running got my love for running back. I can currently run 100m at 11.07. Its not exactly 100m its likely off about 10ft (longer probably). I'll get to a real track and re-test.

In school (before I quit at 16) coaches where always complementing me on my speed and trying to recruit me on football teams. I went to 1 practice and quit, I was sore for a week. I bet my 100m time then was in the 10 second area. Im 200 times more disciplined now thanks too my training as a boxer.

With my natural speed and the fact that Im really raw as a sprinter do you think its possible to get to the low 10 second or maybe lower before I start losing potential because of age?

Ive also got chicken legs lol so theres alot of room for strength improvements.
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