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Cosmo Mazza
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Default July 3

Experimenting with IF, planning to fast most days for 15-18 hours. (Day 2)

W/U with HS practice focused on the shrug and keeping straight

Tall cleans- need work tended to drop and inch or so before the shrug

95 x 2 x 3 reps
115 x 3 reps
135 x 3 reps

Speed squats
135 x 11 x 2 reps on the minute

OHS practice with 95#...did a few but didn't feel solid

Row - 200M sprint/100M paddle x 5 (started with 100m paddle)

1600M in 6:42

First couple rounds kept pace in the low 1:40s on the sprint but slipped into the 1:50s on the last 3.
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