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Originally Posted by Landon Stubberfield View Post
can anaerobic conditioning such as ross's magic 50 negatively affect my speed?

I suppose itd be useful for the 400+ events but Im talking raw speed. Ive been doing that kind of training for a while and I like it so I dont want to stop. Its also explosive (db swings, snatches, burpees etc) so I guess itd be good. Thoughts?
I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on these two points but as I recall explosive movements need to be done with near maximal force (>75% 1RM) to be useful for sprint training so db or kb swings/snatches might not be that beneficial unless you're doing heavy singles or triples rather than high rep sets with a relativeley light weight. Also with eplosive exercises where the load remains in the hand there is a deceleration phase towards the end of the concentric contraction so peak power outputs are best achieved by throwing the weight rather than holding on to it. Obviously you shouldn't throw your barbell around the gym but throwing heavy medicine balls or sandbags can be useful for power training.

Edit: Found an interesting looking website -
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