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1 RM when your sprinting is actually very little "1 RM" for example as opposed to say dragging a sled behind you with weight (which is not a good idea for sprinters regardless). In any case, as you mentioned as long as there is no deceleration phase the exercise is good, and as I was saying as long as the exercises are not metabolically taxing (aka you start breathing heavily afterwards like you would after a 400m run) then you should be fine. Stay away from anything aerobic or exercises that aren't done at maximal acceleration.. and stop when you start to slow down as that can retrain slower movement patterns (hence why CF metcon inspired box jumps aren't that great for power work; metabolically taxing and you just start to slow down which is defeating the point of explosive/plyometric exercise). However.......

What the OP should really do is get a sprinting coach instead of asking on the forums though. If he's serious that is. You want to eliminate pretty much everything that isn't going to help the sprinting otherwise you'll never make it to the olympics or have a world class time. I don't even know if it's doable in 4 years either unless you're super genetically gifted.
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