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Rick Deckart
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Thanks for the link, I knew the template from Practical Programming but wasn't aware that a full excel template did exist.

No offense but unless you are very good in snatches and clean and jerks I think you would be much better served with a less taxing program. Cost benefit ratio would be much better IMO. After all, although this was used with beginners, it is really a very advanced program for advanced athletes who have very good technique in the classical lifts and the appropriate years of training history to cope with the involved stress.

Just so to be clear, I think a beginner could follow such a template successfully, but before I would try something like this I would stay a couple of month on the WFW progam outlined in the next paragraph, or do Mike Burgeners WOD for two or three month. After that you should have a pretty good idea what your 1RM in the snatch and clean and jerk is and consistency in both lifts as well. If you technique is mediocre I think you should abstain from the HFM.



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