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Default IF and morning workout recommendations

Hi all,

<cross-posted from main CF forum>

have been lurking here for some time, trying to compile a recommendations on IF and early morning workouts. I found some old threads, but I'm still having a bit of trouble getting a comprehensive understanding:

My details: 33 yo m, 174cm, 85.3kg, Bfat approx 12%
Goals: Leaner (sub 10% ideally), stronger, fitter in that order.
CF: for about 4-5 months. In that time gained strength, lost about 3-4% Bfat, feel awesome!

I workout 5 days a week at 0600, CF Wod (working up to prescribed loads), occasionally something I put together from various CF affiliate sites...

Have been Zoning for about 2-3 months (16 block), measuring pretty well, mostly paleo, but not super-strict.

I have been experimenting with IF, and can't quite work out the post-workout regiment. Currently I don't have anything pre-workout - just get up and go. Post workout, I take 1 tsp of creatine with 200ml water (occasionally add splash of juice for taste, or add some milk). Within the next hour I have 2 fish-oil capsules and a multivitamine...oh yes.. and a cappucino (my one vice...3 a day vice...) Then nothing until 1000-1030. From then I try to wrap my 16 blocks by 1900, under Zone parameters. Weekends tend to be less regimented.

My question is: do I leave my first meal too late? I'm thinking of maybe adding a protein shake post workout, and then not start eating till later, say 1130-1200. I like to have dinner with my family, as that's a special time for us.

Any comments on this approach? Your help would be appreciated .

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