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Originally Posted by Joe Hart View Post

Hopefully you are still around...How are your racks holding up?
Not really, but to answer your other question, the racks are holding up fine and I seriously doubt that I will ever out-squat them, even if I should double my max back-squat (150kg -> 300kg).

Originally Posted by Joe Hart View Post
Do you think they are sturdy enough to handle doing heavy rack jerks (having the bar dropped on them)?
I wouldn't use it for that purpose on a regular basis but I dropped weights around 90-100kg on it a couple of times without a problem. However doing that frequently would wear them down besides the platform is a little bit to small for such use and so I have plans to build some jerk boxes in the next two or three months. These will be sturdy enough to deal with anything anyone may drop on it.

If I use the racks for jerks I usually take the bar out of the rack, do the jerk or jerk repetitions, drop the bar, deload it for an easy powerclean, place the bar into the rack, load it again and immediately do the next jerk etc. pp.

The main reasons I prefer these racks over standard racks is that there is no possibility to jam the fingers and I can use these for bottom up overhead squats, partial squats if I wanted to train these, box jumps and a couple of other things. Especially presses from the rack are a lot easier for me than from a standard rack.
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