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Incredible timing, Yoon since I have suddenly found myself on avocado avenue.

July 9th:

Lunch: type of avocado unknown
Comments: addition to grilled chicken salad. Clearly the standout in an otherwise tearfully boring meal.

Dinner: type of avocado unknown
Comments: This sushi meal highlighted avocado in all its glorious flexibility: as the thick, silky base for a wasabi guacamole topping to tuna carpaccio, diced up with apples and tucked underneath tuna tar tar, and blended with mayo and goat cheese for a scrumptious dip to fried fish.

After two sapporos, I too dropped my chopsticks and went trolling with my greedy little piglets.

Coming up today at lunch: organic hass avocado sliced up with steamed baby summer squash, beet greens, tomato and salt and pepper chicken.
Comments: I am rolling in monounsaturated fat.
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