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When I first started trying IF a few weeks ago, I did feel the hunger in the morning, but that seems to have reduced. In fact I had a 4 block breakfast earlier in the week, and really noticed how ‘unpleasant’ it felt in contrast to a 1030 meal. That was after a metcon though, so I might experiment with a breakfast after a heavy lifting day and pay attention to the difference.

So overall my initial experience is very positive, and I agree with the advice on not making it too rigid – I don’t really want my life to be ruled by food intake, so I interpret your advice as meaning that the Principles of IF are the way to go, and developing the Application Rules of IF should be individual and geared to specific goals.

Just yesterday I re-listed to Robb Wolf’s CrossfitLive podcast on nutrition, and what really struck me was his statement about focusing on improving performance as opposed to obsessing about nutrition as long as one is working within the Zone/Paleo/IF parameters. This and both your comments really highlight that as smart approach.

Thanks again for your advice.
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