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Paul McKirdy
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I have no clue what this is about I just saw avocado and had to comment. Avocado is now formally known to me as solid booster propellant. Olive oil is JP5.

I'm following mostly Westside protocols at the moment and every day I eat a whole avocado about 30-60 minutes before evening game-time in the iron battlefield and wholly shinola. Tuesday I did a 50 pound jump on 3 rep set chain loaded dynamic effort box squat. After the first set on the +50 weight I swear I felt like some kind of massive chemical turbo was going off energy sky rocketed. The only other supplements I take are fish oil, vitamin C and ZMA(brand new) sometimes I carpet bomb with vitamin I for prevention. I did two more sets at this same weight. I backed away from the bar to leave lots in the tank for abs and good mornings . The jump was from 454 at the top to 504 at the top.

Is there anything better than getting better?
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