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Default squat tracts

So I was at the gym doing front squats today when a stranger told me I should only do quarter squats because I'll hurt my knees, and I shouldn't clean the bar up because it's dangerous, and on and on. So I told him I wasn't looking for training from him right now and walked away, but then I was thinking that this didn't really solve anything. He still thinks he's right and now he's gonna give me dirty looks next time I see him because I made him look dumb in front of his friend.

So that's when I thought of this brilliant idea I have. Squat tracts! I'm sure some of you are familiar with "Chick tracts," these little tiny booklets people leave all over town because they're too embarrassed to try to convert people to their face. If you're not, go to for all you need to know.

I mean, all I'd need to do is carry a bunch of these, and then next time a well-intentioned man tries to give me unsolicited training advice, all I'd have to do is say, "Here you go." Only instead of referring to the Bible, I could refer to some training manual somewhere. Instead of quoting the Gospels, I could quote some coaches or something.

The only problem is that I can't draw, so I'm looking for some help here. Any volunteer cartoonists?
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