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First off - I'd want to get your hips lower in the start. Try to set you up with your arms vertical and bar over the base of your toes. Your start position there just has you too far forward from the get go. Watch the profile one and you'll see that the moment you start, the bar rolls forward - instead, the second that bar separates, it needs to be sweeping back toward you (and you need to be basically sitting back). Good with flaring the knees to get them out of the way though.

So with that, you're basically chasing after the bar as it tries to escape forward, which is why your hips bang into it, although it's not too dramatic. You're jumping forward an inch or so in order to receive it - this is all because of that initial forward pull of the bar. Try to jump 1/4 inch backward - thinking of that should help you correct your weight balance on the feet.

Finally, the turnover power just isn't there (and it's hard for it to be there with the above). You have pretty good gas on the second pull, but that 3rd is considerably slower. Do you ever do heavy muscle snatches? I seem to recall you having trouble with tall snatches.... That would make sense (if I'm right that it was you) because that seems to be your weak point.
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