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Peter Haas
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Greg, thank you for your response and critique.

I lowered my hips at the start and worked on jumping a bit backwards. Its a bit weird to get used to, but I don't feel like I'm "chasing" the bar with my hips anymore, and the pull is stronger and smoother.

What is your definition of a heavy muscle snatch? My max snatch is 205lbs, but I've only worked up to 125lbs on a muscle snatch. The comment I had before was about problems with tall cleans, but it applies equally to tall snatches. Should I invest time into building up weight on the tall snatch and muscle snatch?

Also, my start for the clean is very similar to the snatch (spine of scapula above bar). Does my start for this need to be lower w/ arms vertical also?

Thank you again for your critique.
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