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What is P&B?

Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
However, Billat's thing is getting mired in a lot of semantic crap in my opinion. The old idea of the lactate or anaerobic thresholds (as originally defined) are likely garbage. However, this doesn't negate the existence of a threshold speed or intensity above which fatigue occurs very very rapidly. That it occurs is more important practially than what you call it or what is causing it.
clearly there is a criticial threshold point above which fatigue occurs rapidly. from a practical standpoint, that's essentially what the old ideas of LT/AT/OBLA/etc. were describing.
I really like some of Billat's work. My favorite running workout these days is a version of the Billat 30-30 workout where I run 200m at slightly faster than mile pace and then do 100m recoveries in the same time.

I think a workout like this with active recoveries would be better for working the oxidative pathways than a HIIT workout where you continue beyond the point where you are gassed.

While lactic acid doesn't cause fatigue, lactic threshold pace and VO2max pace are still 2 of the best predictors of performance and working at these paces is one of the best ways to improve performance.

A common trend in a lot of endurance sports is going back to volumes of low intensity aerobic work with just a bit of higher intensity stuff thrown on to top off the system.
There's 2 sides to lactic acid - how quickly is it produced and how well does your body deal with it. Training to work efficiently in the anerobic pathways isn't all that helpful if you start producing tons of lactic acid at low speeds.

Maybe the boxer and martial artists who did extended road work weren't so wrong after all.
Improvements in endurance are pretty specific to the movement done so road work probably isn't the best choice.

I've been wondering how this applies to CF. If someone is advanced would something like an "easy" Murph every other week be useful?

I've seen very little mention of active recoveries either here or on CF. B2B tabata squats might count. I think there was a video a while back with a woman doing a minute of easy jump ropes in between her intervals. I think some experimenting with workouts of this nature would be really interesting.

Billat Fran anyone?
6-8 rounds of 11 thrusters/11 pullups
In between rounds alternate 1 minute at an easy pace of run, jump rope, air squats, bike, etc.
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