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Originally Posted by Rachel Izzo View Post
What do you all honestly think about the zone and lifting, and I mean full-time lifters? Everyone at my gym is discouraging me from doing it (apart from one girl who's also a CF trainer). Do elite lifters ever follow zone? Does it work for that heavy lifting? People are telling me no, more carbs, and just more food in general. So far, I'm not budging, but now learning that Melanie Roach and her nutritionist don't follow zone, I'm not so sure.

Originally Posted by Rachel Izzo View Post
The zone seems to work for me as of right now. So does not eating a ton of meat (fish, cottage cheese, eggs, whey protein, soy protein). The reason I question it is because I don't know a lot of lifters that do. People tell me to eat more carbs ... but then Greg says zone is TOO many carbs ... I just don't know who to listen to, what to do, or what my body needs! I need to be able to tune into myself more and see what I need, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.
I didn't know you were a vegetarian, or I wouldn't have spent the time answering your question. No offense, but it goes back to what Robb W. said months ago. You're just not going to get enough good protein to back up what your body is trying to do (especially now that you're OLY instead of CFing).

Regarding carbs...some people do well with them. Some people take 300+ g of carbs with no ill effects. And hell, there are a few idiots out there that have put on a good bit of muscle on a high carb/low protein diet. However, it's not the norm.

You have to find what works for you. If you like the Zone, then stick with the Zone. Just know the answer to your original question is NO, no elite weightlifters follow the Zone (no elite athletes in any sport follow the Zone), no elite strength-lifters follow the Zone, and nobody here thinks it's a good idea for you. Maybe you're different, and it will work for you. Best of luck.
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