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Originally Posted by Dave Paton View Post

How did the V-diet end up for you? I have flirted with it a few times. but haven't gone all-out with the commitment. was it worth it?
The weight loss aspect worked out great. But I didn't do the reintroduce solid food slowly thing(which should last ~2 weeks), 1 solid meal the first 5 days...then 2 solid meals...etc). Along with less than spectacular eating habits the last month due to various things I've gained some weight back that I lost originally.

Was it worth doing? Yes, I would recommend it doing as written.

Was it hard? Yes, after a few days all you want is something to chew, I ended up savoring the daily fiber tablet because the drinking of shakes just got old fast!

What would I change if I did it again? Do it right, I skipped a lot of the NEPA walks due to my excusing myself, I also let my wife stopping early to make it a reason why I skipped reintroducing solid food slowly.

Overall I went from 197 to 183 and now I'm back up to 190.
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