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Default All of my O-lifts - Form Check

Hey all,

I have been working on my form and doing SS for about a month now. I was posting my form on x-fit boards but Steve Low suggested that I post them up here. I am kind of seeing why

Here is a link to a vid with pretty much all my major lifts (with just a little ring work at the end..)

I know there are problems with the snatch work in the Burg WU (arms too straight.

I know there are minor problems with the squat. I have been told I am leaning forward too much. I just feel that if I lean back more, or stay more upright, there is some weight transferring onto the arms, but i could be wrong.

I feel that my OH Press is pretty solid (with some minor hand positioning problems with light weight since I can get away with it).

I feel that my DL is pretty solid too. Maybe only some minor problems where my hips rise a bit before the weight moves.

I know there are technical problems with the cleans. This video shows warmup weights since i was doing this as part of some technique work, not going heavy. My current PR is 150, though I can probably physically pull more if I ignore form (which I am not trying to do). I feel that my form is good, overall, but there are definitely some technique issues that I am hoping some people here can ID for me.

I would appreciate any advice on any problems, if possible. I thank any contributors in advance
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