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I'm not going to comment on the squat and DL because Rippetoe and I do things differently there and you're doing his thing, so keep doing it.

Burgener Warm-up

1. Slow down. Don't rush through your reps. You're wasting your time if you're not getting yourself set correctly each rep.

2. Down & Up - Relax your arms. Let the weight of the bar extend them, not your triceps. And keep pulling the bar into your body with your lats - don't let it swing forward. Most importantly - EXPLODE - your heels barely come off the platform - don't intentionally try to extend your ankles, but you're cutting off your leg drive to shrug and it's keeping you from getting enough gas on the bar. Do the first rep as an actual jump; then chill out just enough to not come off the floor (with the toes) more than a 1/4 inch or so.

3. High & Outside - don't lift the bar; lift your elbows. The bar is starting to curl up to the height of your elbows, when they should be well above it. Think of a scarecrow.

4. Muscle snatch - MOvement is pretty good, but see explode thing in #2. Also, hold it at the top for a couple seconds - how can you tell if your overhead position is any good if the second the bar gets there you drop it? (and it's out front - you need to get your shoulder blades back and up and lean the torso forward slightly).

5. Snatch drop - the point of this drill is to DROP - not kick your heels up like a Toyota commercial. Pull the feet off teh floor and move them to the receiving position as quickly as possible, landing in a quarter squat and staying there for a moment. DO NOT LIFT THE FEET any more than is necessary to move them laterally.

Clean -

1. Your grip is WAY to narrow. Give yourself AT LEAST half a hand width between the outside of your shoulder and your thumb. You're so narrow it's forcing your knees in toward each other. Get the grip out and flare the knees to the sides as much as you can without bending your arms.

2. Sorry, Chris, but DON'T put the bar over your mid-foot and set up like that. As I said, if you want to DL like that, fine, but a clean is not a DL. The bar will be over the base of your toes and your arms vertical in the start.

3. Your pull is actually pretty good. Work on changing directions at the top faster and not picking your feet up so much. Remember, the feet only move out, not up.
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