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I was going to wait another week or 2 to post some "results" but I'll throw in too since I saw Steve posted something up.

I'm down 2 lbs since last week and I wished I had measured myself the day I started. My wife keeps telling me I look "skinnier" though I don't really notice much of a difference when I look in the mirror.

Perfomance wise I feel pretty good right now. Except for the weirdness I felt on Monday (1/15) I've had no other weirdness. I'm limiting my coffee to 2 cups maximum per day and hopefully I won't go through that again.

Hunger pangs have almost entirely gone away as long as I get what I need that day, last night I was a bit hungry but I had forgotten to take in 2 meals and by the time I was hungry it was past my "eating time."
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