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Rip wants to set up with scap spines over bar, whereas i want to break from the floor as upright as possible. With my setup (and I shouldn't call it mine, it's used by essentially every high-level competitive weightlifter out there), the back angle will shift slightly by the time the bar lifts about 2-3 inches, but it will still remain considerably more upright. I approach the DL more as an assistance exercise for the snatch and clean, and accordingly, I want it to use the same positions, whereas Rip uses it more as simply a tool to get generally strong. As far as why on the cln/sn start position, see my response to jacob.

Same goes for the back squat - he uses the low-bar even for Oly lifters. For most athletes, I agree that low-bar is good, at least some of the time, but for Oly, I use high bar. Complete article about why in the store somewhere, and you can read his argument in the CFJ from the same month.

When I said Sorry Chris, I actually meant the other Chris who made the mid-foot suggestion - I didn't notice you two had the same name.

Judging from the limited view of the gym in that video, I'd suggest ignoring any advice you get there regarding weightlifting.
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