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Default Question on Warmup Sets for SS

This has probably been addressed but Rippetoe's SS beginner workout has a lot of warmup sets. The charts in the back indicate somewhere around 5 warmup sets followed by 5 work sets. I like the progressive nature of the warmup but I did Workout A last night and it took about 1.5 hours, not even including stretching. I could probably speed it up a bit but when the weights go heavier, the rest periods on the work sets go up. I was doing maybe 30s-1m rests on the warmup (just to change the bar or look up the weight in SS) and 2-3 min rests on the work sets.

So, how can I reduce the number of warmup sets without provoking an injury? Rippetoe does say that warmup is most needed at the beginning with the squats and that one should be warmed up with the deadlifts. But even then there are still 5 warmup sets for deadlifts in his table.
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