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Default Interested in Oly lifting

Hey guys!

I have a months bg with SS and Crossfit and now I want to learn Oly lifts but had a few questions I thought would be best answered here.

First I was wondering what are the key differences between PM WoDs and Mike's gym 12 week program from:

Which would be best suited for a beginner with no prior experience with Oly lifting (except a bit of bad form with CF WoDs)?

I hear that there are 3 weeks before the next cycle begins, is that correct? If so that would mean I have 3 weeks to get my shoulder flexibility up and running because for the moment I cannot complete 1 proper overhead squat.

I would assume that shoulder dislocates would be the best method to increase flexibility?

What other things should I prioritize in the next few weeks to be ready for the new 16 (17?) week cycle?

Thanks in advance.
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