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Originally Posted by Tarun Suri View Post
Which would be best suited for a beginner with no prior experience with Oly lifting (except a bit of bad form with CF WoDs)?
Neither, IMHO. If you can, get a weightlifting coach and do what coach says.

If you can't, study Gary Valentine's progressions (I'm a believer in his approach of learning the squat variations from the beginning, though others disagree):

Basically, the progression is:

OHS, snatch balance, tall snatch, hang snatch, snatch from knee, snatch from floor; front squat, tall clean, hang clean, clean from knees, clean from floor, starting with pvc/dowel, progressing slowly, both in weight and in progression through the sequence.

There's some Burgener progression stuff on the CF website as well that is very helpful.

And get Tommy Kono's book, and study all the video you can find and post video for correction.

Or the hopefully forthcoming CA book.

For shoulder flexibility, look at Robb Wolf's Kyphosis article:
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