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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
If you can't, study Gary Valentine's progressions (I'm a believer in his approach of learning the squat variations from the beginning, though others disagree)
Forgot to mention: the basic thing you want when learning the lifts is lots and lots of practice. Preferably, practice under a coach's eye, so you can correct mistakes, but practice nonetheless. Once you feel comfortable with the basic lifts at reasonable weight, then the CA WOD is a good fit.

The reason I don't think the CA WOD is a good fit for a beginner is in the strength cycles, you don't get much practice in the core lifts and in the bulgarian cycles, the load is higher than a beginner wants.

I'm really like the Mills 20/20 approach (in the Valentine thread I posted) for just endlessly drilling the core lifts. Just be very conservative about progressing weight -- better to drill at a weight where your form is spot-on than increase weight too early.

Just my opinion as a person coming out of the beginning stage.

Oh, and try really hard to get a good coach.
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