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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post

I'm a little curious now - why the different starting positions for the DL and clean?

I take it that with the bar closer to the toes and arms vertical, you'd wind up with a slightly more erect torso/lower hips going into the 2nd pull than if you were to start with a Rippetoe style DL. Does this just make for a better position going into the 2nd pull, or am I missing something entirely?
Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Jacob -

That's exactly it - more upright torso. This is important for a few reasons, including that it will allow a better acceleration in the 2nd, and that it will reduce the work for the lower back, which is the most easily fatigued part in the chain; less fatigue in the 1st means better maintenance of extension during the second, which means better power transfer to the bar. You also get better balance on the foot, etc. That's the short version.

These posts explain why - it makes sense.

If the bar is over the toes you can bring your torso more upright to clear the knees without extending the knee as much. More upright torso (more hip extension) is optimal for the second pull on the fast lifts.

From what I understand, it lets you extend your joints from a more favorable, slightly more flexed position, since the knee will remain slightly more flexed and the torso will be vertical.

I mean, i certainly could be wrong (in which case I am hoping to be corrected), but thats my interpretation of the approach and technique.
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