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Rick Deckart
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if I remember the SS program correctly, you should do 3 worksets, not 5. The template for warmups sets goes like 20kg x 5 reps x 2 sets, 40kg x 5 reps, 60kg x 3 reps and 80kg x 2 reps for worksets with 100kg. Start with the empty bar and work you way up to the target weight with 5 or more, or less sets if this fits you.

Looking at your log I would say, drastically cut down the load of the worksets, say at least 10% better 20% and work your way back up again. If the warmup sets tire you they are actually worksets for you and serve not their purpose, to warm you up for the following work. Also if you cannot complete 5 reps on your first workset you are simply not ready for the load...


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