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Originally Posted by Scott Robertson View Post
Well I am doing Starting Strength and trying to pack in the calories. I will be doing 3 workouts a week to start with heavy weights and not metcon. I do play the occasional game of soccer or bike ride but nothing too strenuous. I also plan on tracking my progress in the exercise log forum.

My goal for calories is approx. 5000 a day when I work out and 4-5000 on the other days. Target protein is 350g (2 x bw), fat is 300g and carb is 225g. I would appreciate any comments on the percentages/quantities I am using as well as the quality of food I am consuming

July 17th - Day 1

167.2 pounds

First ever effort at 5000 calories

here is my break down from Fitday:

Calories Eaten Today
grams cals %total
Total: 4903
Fat: 258 2324 49%
Sat: 67 604 13%
Poly: 31 283 6%
Mono: 124 1120 23%
Carbs: 287 999 21%
Fiber: 37 0 0%
Protein: 364 1455 30%

I spread the calories over 5 equal sized meals throught the day consisting of:

3 eggs
1.25 cups of egg whites
4 cups of 2% milk
1.5 cups of raspberries
7 tbsp of olive oil
4 protein shakes (with some carbs and fat)
2/3 cup of almonds
1 apple
1 slice of pizza
2 chicken fajitas
Fish oil - 1 tbsp
Purple K Creatine

Workout (Starting Strength - Beginner)

500 m row - 2:10
Squat 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x135 1x185 5x205 5x205 5x205
Bench 5x45 5x45 5x45 5x95 5x95 5x140 5x140 5x140
DL 5x135 5x135 5x135 5x205 5x210
Chinups 5x10 5x10 5x10 5x10
that is some inspired eating.
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