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Rick Deckart
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Hi Elliot,

I am not a coach but I would would probably start with something like:

squat 170
bench 150*(-190)
deadlift 180

and work my way up. The way I warm up I take no rest at all between the first sets except what it takes to change the plates. Before the first workset I take a 1-2 minute break or whatever I feel I need and go on. After squats I am usually so warm that I don't need 3-5 warmup sets for whatever I do after them. Just one or two sets till I am sure the technique is correct.

*Usually the bench is much lower than the squat, so don't push the bench and allow your squat some time to grow. If I understand SS correct, the whole idea is to progress from workout to workout, so every workout. In the beginning it will be say 10kg increase per workout for a couple of weeks, than 5kg for another couple of weeks, then say 2kg etc... If you start short of your current absolute max chances are you won't get far before you get stuck...


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