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Thanks Alan. I'll check that out.

Peter - you seem pretty informed even if you're not a coach. I've ordered practical Programming by Rippetoe which apparently lays it all out so I'll follow that. Less is more, and starting at the right level is critical.

I'm not sure I follow your logic on the bench. I can see how I'd want to keep the bench in proportion to my rows to avoid shoulder issues, but I don't see why I should hold back on bench because of my squats. Perhaps I should say that I've got about 210lbs of lean body mass and was benching above 300lbs a few years ago. So, 215lbs is only around 0.9x of my bodyweight. With my hip replacements, basically any muscle development in my legs went to zero a year ago and I've been working to get it back since then. Also, now that I have more ROM in the hips, I am taking my leg-related muscles to places they haven't been since I was about 12 years old! I don't plan to emphasize the bench that much and will probably shift more to the O lifts but I don't think working up to 250lbs work sets on the bench should be too tough. Do you disagree?
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